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Results from the Great Waikoloa Long Distance Canoe Race

— August 27, 2012 —

Congratulations to all our Kai 'Opua crews who competed in this year's Great Waikoloa Outrigger Canoe Race. Race conditions were called "brutal" as high winds ripped through the course causing many crews to swamp and not finish and others in the men's race to chase after a turn buoy adrift in the current and waves.

Keiki mixed
Waikoloa 26:22.17
Kai Ehitu 22:56.65
Kai Ehitu 23:49.65

Mixed 40
Kawaihae 1:21:34

Mixed 55
Kamehameha 1:29:58

Mixed 60
Padllers of Laka 1:28:12

Open mixed
Keoua 1:20:52
Kai Ehitu 1:22:43
Kai Ehitu 1:23:19
Hui Waa O Waiakea 1:23:35
Waikoloa 1:26:16
Keoua 1:30:45

Novice women
Nawahanakahi 1:30:08
Kai Opua 1:30:11
Kai Ehitu 1:31:41

Women 40
Kai Opua 1:25:37
Taniwha 1:25:42
Waikoloa 1:29:38
Nawahanakahi 1:30:20

Women 50
Kai Opua 1:24:55
Keauhou 1:29:28
Kawaihae 1:39:20

Women 55
Keauhou 1:28:04
Keaukaha 1:39:45
Women 60
Waikoloa 1:37:45

Open women
Kawaihae (Wila) 1:19:56
Keaukaha 1:20:39
Kamekaneha 1:23:03
Kai Opua 1:24:29
Keaukaha 1:26:19
Keauhou 1:28:17
Kai Ehitu 1:29:03
Kamekaneha 1:29:48
Keauhou 1:31:02
Kawaihae 1:31:21

Nontraditional women
Waikoloa 1:27:58

Men 40
Kamanu Hui Waa 1:40:24
Kai Opua 2:02:00
Waikoloa 2:06:38
Taniwha DNF

Men 50
Kai Opua 1:54:10
Keaukaha 2:08:41

Men 55
Keoua 1:59:27

Men 60
Konawaena 1:54:16
Keaukaha 2:18:56
Laka DNF

Open men
Livestrong Keauhou 1:12:50
Keauhou 1:22:24
Keauhou Mauloa 1:25:37
Kamehameha 1:29:38
Kamehameha 1:32:13
Keoka Kai Opua 1:34:55
Makapua Kai Ehitu 1:38:29
Kawaihae 1:38:43
Papakimito Kai Ehitu 1:39:49
Kialoa Kou 1:45:47
Kawaihae 1:48:55
Kai Opua 1:55:2
Kai Opua 2:02:37
Keaukaha DNF
Hilo Paliku DNF
Onomea DNF
Laulani Kai Opua DNF
Kai Opua DNF

Koa men
Waikoloa 1:46:28

Nontraditional men
Makani Ike Waikoloa DNF

Unlimited men
Padllers of Laka 1:27:49

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