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Results from the Auntie Mary Jane Hei Hei Canoe Race

— September 12, 2011 —


18-and-under: 1. Brown Sugah (Kai 'Opua), 1:02:03 (Janelle Quinn, Sara Ingram, Malosi Correa, Haaheo Kaiawe, Cade Pelekane, Jennifer Kalili) 2. Hapa Haole, 1:02.30.

Novice B: 1. Killer Bees (Kai 'Opua) (Melissa Nitta, Ipo Morgan, Alisa Prendergast, Doug Veracruz, Ian Rogers, Phil Prendergast) 56:27.24; 2. Mixed Nuts 1:10:16.

Senior masters: 1. Nuoli (Michael Nearman, Carolyn Thomas, Terry Ann Kawena Gomes, Peppea C. Hong, Cindy Chong, Beanie Heen) 52:50:45; 2. Mad Dogs 54:41:93; 3. Gladiators 55:31:33.

Kupuna nui: 1. Fossil Fuel (Peter Greenwell, Lorrin Ching, Peter Lasich, Sherri Carney, Penny Merriman, Marianne Star) 59:22:79; 2. Sizzling Sixties 1:09:03.


Open koa: 1. Mango Anger (Crystal West, Johanna Kim, Kim Pratt, Bill Rogers, Ben Blackburn, Chris Nilsen) 1:15:28

Open glass: 1. Keauhou's & Bro's (Tina Flower, Nick Imonti, Jason Gabriel, Nicole Friedley, Heather Schotz, Stewart Solmonson) 1:12:43; 2. The Glad Crew 1:16:39; 3. Ha Laka 1:17:28.

Masters: 1. Hui Waa O Waiakea (Joraen Knox, Sheila Cadaoas, Shannan Cornwell, Wallace Wong, Troy A. Parker-Bailey, Ira C. Kekaualua) 1:06:56

Open nontraditional: 1. Malolo Nui (Mesepa Tanoai, Anhalee Akagi, Ahon Witherspoon, Jarrod Dwyer, Bev Tuaolo, Jen Tanner) 1:04:59; 2. Mango Militia 1:07:23; 3. No Drama 1:10:17.

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